About us

Peaceful Death is a community-based organization that cares for the well-being of Thai people at all stages of life. We produce open and accessible content, educational materials, and organize forums on life and mortality. We also advocate for the implementation of public policies that support the quality of life of terminally-ill patients. Our work is committed towards changing the landscape of Thai society towards one where a peaceful departure is possible for us all.

In partnership with committed individuals, civil society organisations, health agencies, hospitals, and local communities, we extend guidance and knowledge on end-of-life care to assist patients and their families when in health, and when the ultimate truth of life draws near.

The ethos of the “Compassionate Communities” movement is central to our work. Reckoning with loss and death are significant experiences in life; therefore, we do not believe that the responsibility of providing the conditions for a good death for terminally-ill patients is limited to the purview of family and public health professionals, but that it should be the responsibility of everyone.

Though we may not feel ourselves underprepared, we can all play a part in caring for terminally-ill members of our society within the scope of our own capabilities and responsibilities. Compelled by compassion, even the smallest acts of care can be deeply meaningful to those currently grappling in the face of great loss.

Over the years, we have seen firsthand the potential for strengthening the resilience of Thai communities and their capacity to support terminally-ill patients, families and caregivers, in many different ways. Our organization is active in all regions of Thailand, working with local communities and the health care system.

Peaceful Death was founded under the Budnet network foundation in 2011, and became an independent organization in 2017. It is primarily sponsored by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

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A Thai translation of the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

by Phra Paisan Visalo, the abbot of Wat Pasukato, is published in two volumes, Nua Huang Mananop (“Above the Abyss of the Sea”) and Pra Tu Su Sapawa Mai (“The Door to Enlightenment”). Readers of the books working in the healthcare system were interested in learning about different approaches to death, from the physiological to the spiritual, and applying these different traditions of knowledge to their practice.

The growing interest in end of life care

In response to the growing interest in end of life care, the Buddhika Network Foundation and Sem Sikkha Foundation develop a program based on the practice of “peaceful death”.
2004, Through the Peaceful Death Foundation, the Buddhika Network Foundation, in collaboration with individuals in the healthcare sector, begins to build an archive of knowledge, conduct case studies and public educational events, produce educational content and develop a network of physicians and nurses working in palliative care


Bed Beside Volunteers

The Aasa Kang Tiang (“Bed Beside Volunteers”) initiative is founded after many iterations of the Peaceful Death program to augment volunteer networks for hospitalized terminally-ill patients. This leads to the development of Aathit Asadong (“The Sunset Megacine”), a quarterly newsletter to collect and circulate information on caring for terminally-ill patients.

Promote the participation of monks

An initiative to promote the participation of monks, hospitals and local communities in caring for the emotional and spiritual well-being of chronically-ill and terminally-ill patients is developed. In addition to the cultural authority of the buddhist establishment in lending weight to this movement, buddhist teachings and practices can also address the spiritual needs of patients. Furthermore, the meeting of buddhism and end-of-life-care can provide new insights into buddhism as well.

2013 – 2016

Let’s Talk About Dying

The Kwam Tai Pood Dai (“Let’s Talk About Dying”) initiative revolved around raising public awareness of the importance of contemplating, discussing and emotionally preparing for the inevitability of death through educational tools and different forms of media.

Happy Deathday

The launch of “Happy Deathday”, an event that aspires to transform death into a day of celebration. The event was held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre on June 10-11th.

2018 – Present

The Peaceful Death foundation

present The Peaceful Death foundation is currently working on the compassionate communities project for well-being in life and death, which disseminates information on compassionate communities and examples of them in Thai society, as well as developing community facilitator networks, palliative care services, and advance care planning materials.