Die before diving: Death awareness campaign documentary of Sarawut Hengsawad
Yuanyen Social Enterprise: Palliative care at home service in Bangkok
“Santibhavan”: The Story Behind Thailand’s First Hospice for Monks
Hospital Companion Services for Seniors: A New Service in the Age of Ageing Societies
Care Club: Group activity and empathy listening session for care takers
I See U: Listening volunteer for serious illness patients and families
Art for Cancer
Final destination: Documentary quest of Pramual Pengchan
Happy deathday
Joy’s story in Last Talk Event
Phra Paisal Visalo speach în Last Talk Event
Happy Deathday: Exhibition Tour
Talk with Orathai Chafu: Life Lession
Funeral Design of Rossawan Moungmingsook
Multidisciplinary integration for end of life care patients
Integrative care for end of life patient and families
Community participation in Palliative Care
Monks’ role in spiritual care for terminal illness patients
Peaceful Death map in Thailand
Die before dying Live Exhibition