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Malongdu… Let Me Look into Mother’s Heart

Death is a taboo, bringing it up in daily conversation is difficult. The majority of people learn of pain and death through novels or post-news tv series, which for the most part are based on beliefs that have been passed on through the generations.

Terminally-ill Patients in Prison

Palliative care, a framework of caregiving that is making rapid progress in healthcare institutions and communities across the country, can raise the quality of life of many severely ill patients.

A Review of Hospice Care in Thailand

In other countries, hospice is a term for centres that provide end-of-life care for terminally-ill patients. In Thailand, there are many places providing services in the manner of hospices, such as Wat Phrabat Nam Phu in Lopburi district,

About Peaceful Death

Peaceful Death is a community-based organization that cares for the well-being of Thai people at all stages of life. We produce open and accessible content, educational materials, and organize forums on life and mortality.